What Wear & When

What Wear and When, these are the things all of us have a hard time tracking. What Wear and When was your last business meeting? What Wear and When was your last date? What Wear and When was the last time you had a family gathering? That’s what we’re here for, to answer those things! What, Wear and When is an app for fashion-conscious, life-event-driven people to keep track of it all with a clean and simple to use interface.

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Our Features

These are our three main areas of focus. Within these sections you will be able to quickly search, create and maintain your wardrobe and provide a safe place for all your information.


Find items by searching for specific outfits such as your “Summer Dream Dress” or maybe your “Winter Date Night Suit”. You can even search by date such as “November 4, 2015” and see what outfits you wore on that date.


Add clothing articles and put them together to make outfits. Then, when you are ready, tie your outfit to a date or to an event and you’re good to go! Now you don’t have to worry about when you last wore that outfit, we got your back.


In creating an account, your articles and outfits are kept save and sound. You don’t have to worry about losing your wardrobe catalog if you switch phones.

Sneak Peek

Sounds good right?
But we know that we have to look just as good as you do. Take a sneak peek at how we look.

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